our story

Our Story

Versatile Travel came haphazardly to my mind while traveling inside and outside of Portugal not as much as a need to found a transfer and tour service but as a desire to share the beauty and magic of our surroundings with those willing to explore them. I first came to Portugal more than two decades ago and my relationship with the Algarve was love at first sight, then I gradually grew fond of all that Portugal has to offer: phenomenal landscapes, famous or pristine beaches, friendly and hospitable locals and heavenly gastronomy. Since then, I have been inviting friends and acquaintances from all over the world to delve into its riches alongside me. Therefore, that is how I became a connoisseur of Portuguese sights to see, wineries and farms to visit, castles and museums to inspect, and ultimately I have turned into a valuable tourist guide and reached my dream. Consequently, Versatile Travel began its activity in 2017, and although it is relatively new on paper, it has a wide range of expertise in the matter.

Our mission


Our mission is to provide tourists with exciting tailor-made tours and offer them opportunities to discover not only the most famous and outstanding sights but also the most hidden and little known treasures of Portugal, in safe vehicles and accompanied by a professional staff full of positive energy.